John M. Hull’s ‘Touching the Rock’

In Touching the Rock (1990), Hull provides an unflinching and deeply compelling account of his transition to complete blindness. The diary-like entries spread over four years describe what it's like to be a blind man - from his altering sense of space and time, to fatherhood, work, and his faith. John M. Hull, a Professor... Continue Reading →


‘Women and Power’ by Mary Beard

In the excellent short book Women and Power, classicist Mary Beard discusses the long history of women being silenced in the public sphere by taking the reader on a riveting journey through Western civilisation starting in Ancient Greece and ending in our contemporary Twitter-era. Beard argues that today's problematic issues around silencing women and/or punishing... Continue Reading →

The authenticity industry

Everyday we’re bombarded with messages that testify to be the ‘real thing' from organic fruit and vegetables, to shampoo, music, and travel. Even public figures and celebrities use the label to win us over. Why is authenticity pervasive in popular culture and why do we crave 'the real'? Why have advertising executives latched on to... Continue Reading →

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